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Album Review: Noah Archangel & The Band Of The Hawk - 'The Maschine Wars: Songs Of Solomon'


Noah Archangel is renowned for his innovative melodies in the world of hip-hop music. With many popular tracks in his pocket, Noah has recently come back with his third released collection of varied instrumental melodious harmony which is named as ‘The Maschine Wars: Song of the Solomon.’

Noah Archangel was formerly known by the name MC Grazzhopper when he had started his career with the Mcing underground drum and bass show. Later inspired by a friend’s music generator game, Grazzhopper changed his complete identity and became Noah Archangel, the producer and started collaborating with the students of Jackson State University in Mississippi.

Later during college, he started learning the various lessons of sound and beat mixing. Finally, in 2013, he moved to Texas and coordinated with some like-minded friends and partners to mastermind his original project, ‘The Band Of the Hawk' with his special Underground pyramid crew.

Releasing for the three successive years this instrumental association is collectively released in a single long album which illustrates another unconventional idea from Noah. It is through his imagination and passion for creative music that he has crafted and selected the tracks individually.

The album comprises of twenty-two amazing instrumental formulation by the artist and special team of talented musicians. Beginning with the instrumental harmony of the ‘Old God and The New', the album also features the music of the famous lively single ‘Black Lotus' among its other gems.

The album clearly depicts hip-hop music isn't only about classical rapping sections but also the digital musical harmonies associated with it. The album comprises of a variety of melodious harmonies with varied musical tracks. Coupled with tracks like Jamtiquity, Bladerunner 2017, Kundalini which features Yeaux Majesty and Nebuchenezzar features Juskwam, the album is a sheer composition of the sharpest musical gems of all times.

Noah has given classical style armor to the songs in this album contradicting the EDM style in the earlier album in 2016. With undying efforts from the team members of the Band Of the Hawk, Noah has successfully accomplished his position among his huge fan following.

The varied instrumental mashup merged with the sharp and soothing background vocals, every single track in the album is sure to evoke a calmness even to the most disturbed mind. The album clearly shows the dedication and passion that Noah Archangel has incorporated in the making of this collective digital instrumental symphony. He evidently proves words aren’t always necessary to convey one’s thoughts and desire.

The albums also cover amazingly crafted tracks like ‘Macknificent Breath,' ‘Miles Ahead,' ‘Dievergent' and finally ends with the most famous and inspiring one, ‘Black Lotus' featuring Yeaux Majesty, Juskwam, and DJ.

A fierce and strong end with the soulful track, Black Lotus leaves a positive intensity into the otherwise mesmerizing ambiance. It is really difficult to silently listen to this stream of heart-touching melodious harmony as it glides through the fusion of varied musical euphony. Noah Archangel has effectively crafted his name among those legendary hip-hop musicians who are able to craft a charismatic flavor with nothing but his intense passion and vast knowledge of musical notes.

9/10 Stars

-John Sanders


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