Music Industry News Network [01-04-2018]

Nashville Artist 'Cage & Focx' Inks New Deal


We are pleased to announced that country-rock artist CAGE & FOCX have inked a deal with HighVolMusic for the release of their debut Shotguns & Cadillacs. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, CAGE & FOCX features singer/songwriter Gibson Cage and songwriter/guitarist/producer Anthony Focx (Beautiful Creatures).

Shotguns & Cadillacs is engineered and produced by Anthony Focx and features 6 tracks including the singles 'I Feel Like Johnny Cash' and 'Tonky Honk Bounce'.

Gibson Cage on signing with HighVolMusic - "Not only does this come at the perfect time in my life, it comes with the honor of it being signed to HighVolMusic. Anthony and I have giant shoes to fill with their stable of musicians and with HighVolMusic, we have hit a personal milestone of being able to give our fans the best we have in us! ."

"What a great way to start the year! We are once again expanding what we do at HighVolMusic. I am pretty stoked about adding Cage & Focx to the label. It takes us down another music avenue. Gibson and Anthony extremely talented and I humbled that they chose HVM. What do you get when you mix a little rock and a little country? Cage & Focx" - Bill Chavis

Shotguns & Cadillacs is scheduled for a June release, details to follow in the coming months.


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