Music Industry News Network [01-05-2018]

Neon Music Country Legacy Hits The World-Wide Airwaves For 2018


Frank Sinatra once sang, “Without a song the day would never end, without a song the road would never bend, when things go wrong a man ain’t got a friend, without a song.” A lyric that may have inspired and certainly describes legendary radio programmer and personality, Bert Gagnon. Bert is known as a pioneer of today’s internet music radio. Needless to say, he’s never been a man without a song. Over 20 years ago, Gagnon set out to offer music in a way that he felt needed to be heard. Bert Gagnon created a radio format that featured the songwriter. His innovative approach captured listeners in a way they had never before experienced by going back to the essence of music, the song composer. As a radio personality, he flourished under the banner of MUSICTOGOUSA and recently with Neon Music Radio. The newest incarnation of Gagnon’s genius will soon hit the airwaves with a brand-new show designed around the Bert Gagnon vision. The name? Neon Music Country Legacy.

Neon Music Country Legacy host Randy Moore describes his role as, “torch-barer of the Neon Music brand”. “There’s a unique type of energy and fun that our show seems to have, we talk about the composer in ‘casual depth’ as we introduce or re-introduce their songs to the listener.” He adds, “The core of each show features a hit songwriter and their individual story. Then we surround that feature with recordings of classic songs, independent songwriters, newer songwriters and many of today’s current hit makers.”

Each installment of Neon Music Country Legacy is one-hour syndicated radio show and is a bi-monthly production. “We don’t have a chart or weekly playlist, so each show stands on its own as an individual property,” says Moore, “this allows our syndicated radio outlets to air ‘The Legacy’ as an archive property, not too different from collecting a vast set of audio encyclopedias.” Randy, who is a Nashville based recording artist, says that Neon Music Country Legacy will continue to build upon Bert Gagnon’s vision of showcasing the song, the composer, and their stories, keeping it all in line with Bert Gagnon’s famous opening phrase, “Enjoy music again.”

Neon Music Country Legacy with your host Randy Moore can be heard on these stations beginning January 2018, check Neon Music Country Legacy Facebook or the corresponding radio station web-page or social media outlet for more info. USA: Crusin’ Country Radio; Taterpatch Radio; My Kind Of Country; Country Barnyard 305; L O Z Radio; Tampa Bay FM; Boots 101 the Bill and Kat Radio Network. UK: Sunshine Radio UK; Country Road Radio; Showcase Radio UK; RFTK Radio UK. GERMANY: Country Road 58. SCOTLAND: Edinburg Country Music Radio ECMR. BELGIUM: Belgium Country Radio. DENMARK: NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand Country Music Radio NZCMR; International Connection Radio ICR. TASMANIA: Tamar Valley Country.


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