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New Music: Major Moment – “Before It’s Too Late”


With some exceptionally melodious and rocking musical compositions the band from Boston, Major Moment has potentially established their position among some of the popular and famous musicians in the World. With a benevolent nature and strong and passionate appeal on realistic themes, this group of musicians has swirled the musical industry with their rhythmic beats. Just like their previous releases, the recently released single, Before It's Too Late, has already hit the internet and is making their fans crazy over this tuneful symphony.

Major Moments isn't just an ordinary band of passionate musicians. The band unites many cultures, religions, and nationalities together into a firm thread of harmonious notes. This might be one of the reasons why their compositions are so different from each other. Anyone having heard their previous tracks would know this band just gets better and better with their innovations and it's difficult to derive an expectation about their next release. Sung by the talented Russian singer, Andrey Borzykin, the single, ‘Before It's Too Late' is sensual just like the breaking sea waves on the shore, roaring yet mesmerizing and modulating but soulful.

The track is a beautiful portrayal of our modern lifestyle where there is no time and space for our thoughts and aspirations. The song reveals how the negative impact of a comfortable and luxurious life has destroyed our own dreams. In the fear of failure and hardship, everyone follows the path that could be achieved easily, even when it pains and ruins our peace of mind.


Constraint and blinded by our predecessors and society, the life nowadays just gives people the materialistic pleasures that are fulfilling but not satisfactory. The track is a mirror to evoke the desire and inspire the new generation to live the life of true happiness and follow their dreams. Strongly themed and well versed, Major Moment has surely given efforts to bring out something so motivating and grave by its presence. A special mentioning is the high sound quality and appropriate digital amplification which gives the single a perpetual pleasantness.


Supported by a well-balanced and synchronized instrumental arrangement, the track is crafted on a lively and energetic framework. With pulsating drum beats by Adam Soucy and tuneful guitar sections by Gabriel De Mattia De Oliveira, the song takes many high and low ranges which are well managed by the high-pitched vocals of Andrey. Though the background score is quite high, it hardly affects the heavy lyrics that glides through a smooth harmonic and rhythmic flow. The track does have a melancholy background with delicate and intuitive feeling of sadness but then with the little touch of expressive musical coordination the track doesn’t slag out and remains enjoyable till the end.

Overall, Better It's Too Late, is a sensitive, enjoyable and entertaining track from a talented musician's group that could leave its audience enthralled yet thought about the concept of life this song seems to portray so amazingly. The track is an enchanting number that not only fulfills the thirst of good soulful music but also touches the heart through its emotional outflow.

9.5/10 Stars

- Jessica Lewis


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