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Fred Argir New Single ‘I Don’t Feel It’


Do you feel It? Have you felt It? Would you want to feel It? Would you understand It? How would you understand It? These are all modern everyday questions that many people face in daily life. The struggles of identity...The pain of financial clarity...The hope for a new change...The delivery of bad news...How to erase student loans...Where to grab a better job in an already full job market...It's unclear just what the brain contemplates around the clock, but one thing is for sure: Music is always the answer! And Fred Argir is coming through crystal clear with his latest single from his new album, “Still Alive,” with “I Don’t Feel It.” And We at Skope Magazine DO feel it!

Hailing from Minnesota but striking gold in New York City, Fred Argir, a professional guitarist, singer, and songwriter has gravitated toward a lifetime career of being himself, bringing a bold approach to music and “I Don’t Feel It,” is an example of what creativity can birth. At first listen, Fred Argir gives the listener an earful of hardcore guitar that has a cutting edge sound like Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, with an edgy Slayer push...But hold on...Did Sting just make an appearance as this Fred Argir has a definite tone that just might have been here before! Lastly, somewhere along the way Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix were probably some childhood heroes as Fred Argir presents the most authentic guitar playing currently drifting around in the music industry. Digging a little further, there’s a lot to offer but the passion that continues to showcase across the boards is the real definition of heavy metal and alternative guitar. Fred Argir just seems to GET IT and in a market where music is everywhere, it’s hard to place heartfelt lyrics out where people can understand the meaning, the pain in a soul, while also be able to keep the edgy pop-pish push the attractive center! GREAT STUFF!


At first listen, if an introduction could be a song, it sounds like the hardcore drive of an ending was actually swapped and placed out front in order to grab the listener's attention, the cry out of "enough," and that' exactly what Fred Argir's "I Don't Feel It" grants! For the first twenty-five seconds, the wailing attention and perfective detail of the guitar riff and solo says the song is going to rip away every emotion that could possibly be felt on the inside..." I don't want it...I don't want it...I don't want it...I can't feel it anymore...I can't feel it anymore..." It is plain to see that this is the utter end...Emotional rollercoaster...Everything around is crashing down, and with how simple the lyrics are, it hurts, even more, to actually hear the fears and anger that might have been trapped away burst through just like an out of control fire...Fred Argir has arguably placed real rock back in the front and if "I Don't Feel It" is just a taste of the new album "Still Alive," what else is in store?

With an already amazing career, Fred Argir is showcasing classic music at its finest hour! More and more, musicians are going back to the pure elements of rock, soul, and feeling...It doesn’t take a lot of words to make a great sound...It doesn’t take a lot of chords to be heard...It takes honesty and emotional connection: Fred Argir is just an artist that gives good music vibes, ONLY. It’s an awesome pleasure to hear good music, but it is an even better feeling to see a true humanitarian trying to make their voice be heard for change as well! If you want authentic music, with a little blues, rock, and hardcore feeling, Fred Argir is the man to present it! Fred Argir comes highly recommended so check “I Don’t Feel It,” because once you hear it, you WILL feel it! Support good music and good musicians!

Rating 10 / 10



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