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"Space Captain" By DJoNemesis: A Music Album Inspired By A Previous Life



"Space Captain" is a digital album including 8 tracks, released by DJoNemesis on April 2019 through his label Pleyad Studios and distributed by RouteNote on the Internet music stores.

This album is dedicated to DJoNemesis' past life on Feoser, a planet orbiting the star Maia in the Pleiades cluster. The artist saw this particular past life through hypnosis.


1. "Past Life" 3:58

2. "The Pleiades" 4:21

3. "La Stella Maia" 3:47

4. "Alien Beings (Feat. Fratelli Stellari)" 5:15

5. "In The Blue Light" 4:25

6. "Leaving My Planet" 3:46

7. "Spirit Guide (Feat. Dorien Dorion)" 3:40

8. "Hyperspace" 3:53

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Visit DJoNemesis' YouTube Channel.


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