Music Industry News Network [10-09-2019]

DeFox Records Launch Card Disk


DeFox Records announces the creative development in respect of environmental, social and even economic.
Respecting the environment and a more sustainable future, against waste and the use of plastic, DeFox Records will launch a special limited edition of Card Disk on the market.

This support made with recycled paper, similar in design to the Compact Disc, will allow the user to be able to listen to music on every device and mobile combining conditions of well-being, resource and utility.

The founder of the label Mirko Defox Galliazzo says The Card Disk will have the shape and appearance similar to the old CD so dear to music fans, with an attractive design that I am sure will also attract the passion for collecting. The hand-numbered limited editions will become unique pieces. The Card Disk has multiple use because through the decoding of the digital player all the music can be heard on every device, from the Smartphone to the home PC, from the laptop to the tablet.

The first print will be released by the end of 2019 and will be available exclusively on the official websites of the record labels, in the digital store "Rare Vinyl Center", in the Artists No Limits club and on the Ebay platform.

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