Music Industry News Network [06-05-2003]

Stock And Roll - Changing The Music Indistry



Whereas Music is the perfect partner for the World Wide Web, as both can so easily reach across jurisdictional lines and bring very diverse people to a common ground, the web is causing grave problems for the current music industry. File swapping servers such as Kazaa (which allow more than 130 million users, to download free copyrighted works without authorization) have created an ever increasing threat to the standard business model and more importantly, to the artists. There are also legitimate legal issues regarding whether they can even be shut down.

The Industry recently spent millions attempting to restrict access by developing the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) and so called “copy proof” compact discs. The SDMI code was cracked within one hour of it’s release and it now appears that a common felt tipped marker will easily defeat the “copy proof” CD’s. Even though the digital revolution is well under way, and the people have demonstrated what they want… free music. The current music establishment is alienating both the fans and the artists as they continually and futilely seek ways to keep the status quo by attempting to maintain control over the distribution of the music, the profits, and the artists.

At Stock and Roll we simply developed a better business model…

Stock and Roll will change the very nature of the music industry, as it will meet the challenges proposed by the new threat, while providing a more creative and profitable environment for both the talent and the fans. As there seems to be no way to legally halt the peer to peer servers such as Kazaa, we have decided to give the fans exactly what they want… free music. While still protecting the artist, and offering them other streams of revenue.

The innovative business strategy developed by Stock and Roll allows the fans to buy shares of stock directly in any of our artists for less than the price of a CD ($10 per share). The Stock and Roll strategy will instantly allow the artist to grow a base of loyal fans that are literally invested in the music. Each artist can gain up to 100,000 shareholders/marketing agents, who will help “spread the word” about the band and the company because when the artist prospers so does the shareholder (fan). An unintentional yet, fortuitous virtue of the Stock and Roll strategic business model is that the Stock and Roll record label does not take any financial risks on the artists, as it is the fan who provides the funding.

To provide worldwide visibility to our artists, Stock and Roll has developed an interactive internet Music TV channel, web radio station and internet music delivery platform that provides a live, 24 hour a day worldwide broadcast or stream of original music programming and free music downloads.

By combining an interactive Music TV broadcast, delivered to a worldwide audience, free music downloads, and the exclusive ability to purchase shares in any of our bands, Stock and Roll shall offer a better alternative to the fan. By offering majority ownership rights, up to 100,000 marketing agents, and a more equitable playing field to the artist Stock and Roll is positioned to become the leading international Music TV station, record company and Internet delivery system for music and related merchandise in the new millennium.

As no other company has ever offered “artist authorized” and therefore free and legal music downloads, nor the ability to purchase stock in an artist, Stock and Roll shall instantaneously garner international notoriety upon launch. Offering free and legal downloads will allow Stock and Roll to capture many of the 130 Million registered users at Kazaa and other free sites, as well as those consumers opposed to stealing the music. We also come full circle… as we finally provide the fans with a real motivation to spread the word and purchase the merchandise, as there is a real chance to make a profit when the band prospers.

In essence, Stock and Roll is seeking to take the “industry” out of the music by allowing the fans to directly interact with and literally become invested in the music. Stock and Roll offers a better, more equitable and intimate environment for the investor, the consumer, the fan, and musician as well as the chance for the fan/investor to profit as the artist prospers.

Please also note that we are seeking accomplished artists to help us in two ways; we are seeking to form an advisory panel to help us ensure that the company philosophy and focus always remains on the artist, and we are also seeking a second round of funding.

To offer an added incentive if an investor donates all or a portion of their proceeds to a reputable charitable organization Stock and Roll will match those donations dollar for dollar in perpetuity.



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