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Tale Ognenovski, Internationally Renowned Jazz And Classical Clarinetist Released CD Album Entitled: Mozart And Ognenovski Clarinet Concertos


This recording is sensational. Tale Ognenovski arranged parts of the Mozart's clarinet concerto for two clarinets. The clarinet in standard performance is always accompanied by the Orchestra. In this recording the clarinet is accompanied by drum performed by his son Stevan Ognenovski or by drum and second clarinet (performed by Tale Ognenovski). Tale Ognenovski gives a splendid account of Mozart's most beautiful concerto. The full, wonderful sound of the modern A clarinet is rich and Ognenovski's playing is superb, with good tempo and intonation throughout. His sound is full and expressive, his phrasing is lyrical, his articulations clear, and his tone is beautiful. Tale Ognenovski's performance is the most beautiful and the fastest performance of Mozart's clarinet concerto of all time. Mozart's clarinet concerto is certainly one of the most beautiful works to emerge from the Classical era. Musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756. Two hundred years later, on January 27, 1956, another genius of music, Tale Ognenovski, performed as a virtuoso clarinet and reed pipe soloist folk dances in the world-famous Carnegie Hall. Together, he and the other members of the Macedonian Ensemble 'Tanec' appeared at Carnegie Hall in a display of tremendous skill, which was a sheer joy to watch. Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1 is the most beautiful and the most difficult Clarinet Concerto of all time. Variety of phrasing, spectacular clarinet solos are both interesting and fascinating for people to listen to and to admire. Tale Ognenovski has opened up new possibilities for the clarinet that no one could have predicted. He is the greatest clarinetist, reed piper, zourlist and small bagpiper of all time, demonstrating unique skill, a wealth of invention, amazing improvisational virtuosity and outstanding musical competence in all areas of music. He is one of the greatest composers in the world of music. 'Tanec's American tour began with their debut on one of the most successful cultural magazine series in the history of U.S. commercial television, the Ford Foundation TV Program OMNIBUS (on CBS Television Network), on January 22, 1956. This program was seen by millions of Americans. During an 84-day tour throughout the United States of America and Canada, Tale Ognenovski with Ensemble 'Tanec' traveled 10,000 kilometers and performed 66 concerts in 53 different towns. These concerts were heralded as great cultural events by the American press. January 27, 2006, marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Label: Independent Records, Catalog: IR37223
Producers:Tale Ognenovski and Stevan Ognenovski

2.Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Allegro
Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arranged by Tale Ognenovski)
2.Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Adagio
(Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arranged by Tale Ognenovski)
3.Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Rondo - Allegro
(Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arranged by Tale Ognenovski)
4.Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1
(Composed by Tale Ognenovski, Arranged by Tale Ognenovski)

Performed by Tale Ognenovski, Clarinet (Track 1,2,3,4), Reed Pipe (Track 4), Small Bagpipe (Track 4), Zourla (Track 4) and Stevan Ognenovski, Drum (Track 1,2,4)

Audio CD (January 24, 2006) entitled: MOZART and OGNENOVSKI Clarinet Concertos. Ships from and sold by

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CD Album entitled: Jazz, Macedonian Folk Dances and Classical Music includes 3 Jazz compositions, 6 Macedonian Folk dances and Classical Music, all composed by Tale Ognenovski. Tale Ognenovski demonstrates a unique skill with a wealth of invention and amazing improvisational virtuosity.
Label: Independent Records, Catalog: IR04542
Producers:Tale Ognenovski and Stevan Ognenovski
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