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10 Things to Do in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Do you know any of Central America’s hidden gems? I have always considered Little Corn Island, in Nicaragua, one of them. Join me on this fantastic journey of exploring fun activities to do in Little Corn Island.

The Overview of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

The Corn Islands consist of Little Corn Island and Big Corn Island. Among the two, Big Corn Island is the larger one and more developed, making it more populated. However, for a serene experience, I recommend visiting Little Corn Island since it is as rustic as it is beautiful.

Little Corn Island is a tiny drop of paradise sitting 70 Km off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast. The island shines with serenity and simplicity, which made me fall in love with its unique beauty and charm.

The adventure does not start when you arrive in Little Corn Island. The journey to the island is also adventurous. You have two options to get there. I recommend taking a domestic flight from Managua International Airport to Big Corn Island. I used the airline “La Costeña” to book my flight, which took me about an hour to reach. You will walk from the Big Corn Island airport to the ferry terminal to board the panga (a small motorized boat). You will then have a 40-minute ride to Little Corn Island.

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Fun Activities to Make Your Experience in Little Corn Island Memorable

Little Corn Island is the perfect escape from the outside world because of the lack of cars, shops, roads, or banks. If you think this place needs more excitement to convince you to visit, I will be unearthing some of the adventures you can undertake in this place below.

1) Go Scuba Diving

Did you know Little Corn Island has over 20 amazing diving sites? The island is perfect for scuba diving due to its outstanding visibility. It will be fine if you are just starting out; it suits beginners and advanced divers. You will explore the underwater tunnels and busk in the delight of seeing dolphins, hammerhead sharks, turtles, and rays.

2) Go Cheer With the Locals at the Baseball Games on Sundays

If you find yourself in Little Corn Island on Sunday, don’t miss going to cheer on the baseball games. These occur on one of its fields in the middle of the island. Don’t miss the joyful experience these games can bring to your visit.

3) Go to Tranquilo Café and Attend Tacos and Trivia Night

Is there a more appealing experience than visiting the most popular bar in the beautiful Little Corn Island? If you want a mouth-watering delicacy, you will get it at Tranquilo Café. In addition, their cocktail is top-notch and budget-friendly.

On Thursdays, Tranquilo holds a Tacos and Trivia night. You will work your brain on pub quizzes and score yourself tasty tacos. You will also enjoy other events like bonfire parties and live DJ nights.

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4) Go Hiking to Fish Fry Bar

The best beach to go to when you visit is Otto Beach on the north of the island. The beach lies right outside Fish Fry Bar and Yemaya. Take a walk through the village and the jungle, exploring the beautiful scenery of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Once you reach the Fish Fry bar, you can relax on the beach while enjoying their delicious meals.

5) Take Your Family to Snorkelling

The relatively healthy reefs, warm minimal currents, easy access, exquisite Caribbean waters, and abundant fauna make Little Corn Island the perfect spot to explore the undersea world. My son’s memorable moment was seeing plenty of fish, lobsters, sharks, eels, eagle rays, starfish, and octopus while snorkeling. Take a guided snorkeling tour and enjoy the best experience ever!

6) Go for Kiteboarding

If you decide to visit, you must attend the trendy kitesurfing activity on Nicaragua’s Corn Islands. Little Corn Island’s favorable breezes, flat water conditions, and warm temperatures, in particular, make it the best place for this activity. Ride on the island’s east and north sides for the best kiteboarding spots. You can also ride off Cocal Beach.

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7) Try Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

If you want a quick beach excursion, grab your kayak or paddleboard and go! When I went paddle boarding on Little Corn Island, I explored everything the island offers, and it took me around four hours. A short paddle away will take you to the beautiful reefs and deserted beaches with swaying palm trees. A beautiful scenery to behold!

8) Visit the Beach Bar

One of my best moments in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, was drinking hard seltzers and enjoying seafood lunch at the beach bar near the main dock. You will enjoy reggae music and chilled vibes while soaking up the sun and enjoying the sea’s odd dip.

9) Sport Fishing

Many people come to this island for its amazing sport fishing. The equipment for hire sometimes needs more high quality. Therefore, I ensured I came with my lures and equipment to increase my chances of success.

If you do shore, flats, and fly fishing, you will catch prized fish like snook, bonefish, small sharks, and tarpon. On the other hand, offshore fishing will allow you to catch fun fish like yellowtail, sailfish, dorado, snapper, kingfish, amberjacks, barracuda, etc.

10) Go for a Boat Trip to the Pearl Cays

Pearl Cays is a group of uninhabited tiny islands that are a sight to behold. They have crystal clear waters, more palm trees, and pearlescent white sand. It took me roughly 2 hours to get there from Little Corn Island. It will cost you around $30-$50, depending on the person you book with.

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Tips and Tricks You Need When Visiting Little Corn Island the First Time

First time coming over to this idyllic location in Central America? Having experienced this small piece of haven myself, here I have some handy tips and tricks to share with you:

  • Bring Cash

The only ATM available is in Big Corn Island, which could be more reliable if they were in service most of the time. In addition, they will charge you an extra 10% when using credit cards. Therefore, bringing in cash, especially the Cordoba currency, will save you a lot.

  • Remember to Pack Your Flashlight

In Little Corn Island, there are no roads or cars. Therefore, you will walk everywhere you want to go. The flashlight will guide your path at night. You might wonder, “Why not use my phone?” I did not want to risk it since some people are less fortunate and might steal my phone.

  • Be Keen With Your Baggage Weight and Size

La Costeña Airlines has strict baggage requirements. If your baggage is heavier than required, they will label it “standby.” Consequently, you will stay for a day or two without reaching the Nicaragua Corn Islands.

  • Come With Your Patience and a Lot of Bug Repellent

Little Corn Island is one of the most relaxed islands you can visit. People here are in no hurry whatsoever. Therefore, you must be patient since services on this island are a little slower than normal.

In addition, put mosquito repellent at the top of your packing list. The island has a lot of sand flies and mosquitoes, which are abundant after rain. Apply your bug repellent throughout the day, especially at dusk and dawn.


Little Corn Island in Nicaragua has everything it needs to provide the ultimate backdrop for relaxation and adventure, all for an affordable, budget price. In addition, the amazing fun activities you can do make the place the ultimate haven.

Nicaragua, Corn Islands, is a place that only a few lucky people call home. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the Caribbean but worry that you might not have the means to do so, this location offers a perfectly valid alternative worth visiting.

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