three of swords reversed

Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings (Love, Money & More)

The Three of Swords tarot card represents the emotional suffering associated with separation, loss, sadness, mourning, tragedy, and heartbreak in human beings. You will come across this card during a reading session; hence, you will get an idea of what it means. When this card appears in the deck, its meaning is open to interpretation. If you choose to believe in it, it will be a cautionary tale about future occurrences. According to the reading, you should brace yourself for the unexpected since life throws curveballs that might catch you off guard and lead to pain and suffering.

Keep in mind that a gorgeous rainbow always follows a storm. Count your blessings and be grateful always. Even when you are down, get back up and keep going. Also, remember to treasure the things important to you because of this card. Get in touch with those you care about and express your emotions. To understand more about the Three of Swords reversed, let’s find out what it means in general and its impact on love, money, and much more!

three of swords reversed

Three of Swords Tarot Cards: Upright or Reversed

The Minor Arcana tarot deck features a card with a floating heart with three swords piercing it. In the background, a heavy rain is seen alongside some ominous clouds in the distance. The heart represents excellent character traits in a person, such as benevolence, generosity, and warmth. However, since the Three of Swords shows the heart pierced by the swords, it symbolizes heartbrokenness.

To add to the design, the artwork in the background represents the gloomy mood that one has when unanticipated bad things happen. An upright Three of Swords indicates a rude awakening to your feelings. This card often represents the sudden loss of a loved one, the exposure of deceit, or the end of a deeply cherished relationship when it appears in readings.

Conversely, a 3 of Swords in reverse can signal you are still recovering from these unfortunate events. It could be hard to move on since you are probably still contemplating what happened, and your emotions are not fully gone. However, despite your sorrows, this card will act as a reminder to stop brooding over past bad experiences and get on with life. You have so much ahead of you!

Nevertheless, even as your internal grief continues to persist, this card could also mean that you have to stop focusing on the past and start living in the present. So many good things will happen in your life.

There is always a silver lining in even the worst of experiences. As time goes on, nothing remains constant. Remember that your current circumstances do not always indicate your long-term emotional state. Over time, the intensity of your emotions will diminish, and you will face better days.

3 of swords reversed

Tarot Card Meaning: Three of Swords (Upright)

An upright Three of Swords tarot card will jolt you out of your delusions about love and portend an aggressive awakening. The appearance of this card in a reading is frequently a warning of unexpected grief, the discovery of betrayal, or the dissolution of a significant connection with a dearly loved one. Remember that your current emotions may not always reflect your long-term feelings. Over time, the strength of your present emotions will fade.

#1) Love and Relationships

The Three of Swords love tarot represents impending heartache or treachery in a relationship. For the most part, our love lives include most things that provide us joy and stability. Therefore, this is a very challenging position. Conflict and the abrupt termination of love relationships are devastating.

When a relationship ends, it is essential to remember the positive things that happened during its existence. For example, you gained knowledge that will assist you in your search for the one truly destined to love you. At this moment, you’ll see there is a reason for every disappointment in life.

If nothing else, take it as a lesson and apply what you have learned to your next love affair. Before getting back into dating, self-care should be a priority area to focus on. Before seeing someone new, you should ensure you are truly ready. A 3 of Swords love tarot card is of paramount significance in any relationship due to how it forewarns upheaval and treachery.

#2) Money Success and Occupational Growth

This Minor Arcana card does not bode well for a professional’s future in a tarot reading. It can mean you feel down because you lost a job or a chance at something you were hoping to succeed at. It also indicates that you will experience significant distress due to ineffective communication on the job.

It is important to be proactive in resolving issues at work. Establishing contact with your manager or the offending coworker is the first and most crucial step. Ultimately, the power to alter your situation rests with you.

Your employment might be on the line if you happen to get this card during a reading, as mentioned earlier. Even if your job means a lot, you must always keep in mind that it is a drop in the ocean. Put one foot in front of the other to get to a new place or find a new opportunity faster.

#3) Health and Spirituality

If this card pops up in a health spread, it might mean that either you or someone close to you is going through some turbulent emotional issues or a health downturn. At this point, the best thing to do would be to focus on improving your emotional and physical well-being. Try having a positive attitude to treat your emotions and ensure a boost to your health.

3 of swords reversed

Tarot Card Meaning: Three of Swords (Reversed)

Here, we will further detail the upside-down position of this tarot card. When the Three of Swords appear in reverse, this signifies victory. Inverted, like the Devil in the Major Arcana, the tarot card has a more optimistic meaning.

This interpretation of the sword trio suggests that you are rising above adversity and improving yourself. Negativity and suffering will no longer control you. As an alternative, you should look at the bright side and move past the pain and loss that you have endured. Proceed along this course; if you do so, you can finally put your pain behind you.

#1) Love and Relationships

The appearance of the 3 Swords in reverse indicates a rough patch in a romantic relationship. This tarot card’s appearance means that now is the time to focus on the future and forget about the past. It emphasizes being careful with your words so that you don’t spend a lifetime regretting anything you say.

This card also suggests you must cleanse your emotions to forgive and forget if you are still reeling from a recent breakup or loss. To avoid mired despair, it is necessary to do this, no matter how difficult. Chances will present themselves once you can refocus your attention on the positive aspects of life and accept your current situation.

#2) Money Success and Occupational Growth

For many, this Three of Swords reversed card represents a time of restoration and closure in their professional and financial lives. This bodes well for a more peaceful and fruitful work environment, as the difficulties and disputes experienced will start to fade. Additionally, this card stresses the significance of forgiving others and moving on from past grievances that may have affected one’s professional life.

Additionally, it may signal the end of bad times in one’s financial situation, suggesting that problems with money that have persisted for a while may soon have their answers. When this card appears in this spread, it paves the way for a more secure and prosperous time.

#3) Health and Spirituality

The Three of Swords in reverse is a very good health omen, suggesting you will soon feel better. It provides hope to those with problematic physical health, who may soon see dramatic improvements or the development of effective therapies. Further, this card can stand for mental and emotional well-being, calling attention to the necessity of emotional or spiritual healing in situations where discomfort is present along with physical health issues.

3 of swords love

A Single Card Pull: Three Swords

When you need quick and to-the-point answers, just pull one card. This is how you do it when looking for a “yes” or “no” answer. As soon as there are difficulties or an uphill task ahead for someone, they should try using this single-card pull method. In it, you get to choose a card at random from the shuffled deck. Once you do, the correct answer to your question gets sent to you. Here are the results of a single card pull with the Three of Swords:

  • The Three of Swords (Upright Position)

When asking a question, this upright position represents an easy way to get “no.” When you find this card in your tarot reading, it shows that you feel like you are losing people or isolated. Never rush to conclusions, but always consider your next move wisely.

  • The Three of Swords (Reversed Position)

When you see this reversed orientation, it usually indicates a “yes” answer to your inquiry. Three of Swords hints at a profound feeling of restoration and revitalization. Though some painful memories from the past may still be lingering, wonderful times are coming.

3 of swords love

Final Thoughts

The Three of Swords indicates that a weighty idea will go inside and refuse to leave your mind. Sometime in the subsequent few hours or days, this occurrence may occur. The 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th days are the most important when counting the days of the month. The most effective strategy here is to remember that your desired outcome, however fleeting, will eventually materialize.

In a tarot reading, the appearance of the Three of Swords reversed or upright signifies that you need to start changing your life. When things in your life are no longer beneficial, it is time to move on. If you work cohesively with others, you can create the future you dream about. Always keep in mind that there is a magnificent rainbow waiting at the end of every storm; take a moment to count your blessings. You will now realize all your aspirations!

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