sad break up texts that will make him cry

Sad Break Up Texts For Him That Will Make Him Cry

Coping with a breakup can be difficult, and remarks can occasionally hurt just as much as feelings. Though it’s not always the best course of action, breaking up by text can occasionally be the only choice. Perhaps saying it to someone face-to-face is too difficult, or maybe distance makes it necessary.

When the time comes for you to text someone to let them know how you really feel, it’s more important to communicate the depth of your feelings than just saying “end” to the conversation. Writing sad breakup texts that will make him cry — texts that combine love, anguish, and the unvarnished expression of your emotions — is the topic of this article.

Breakup Texts For Him

  • “Even if it hurts so much to be leaving you, being devastated is preferable to living a lie in a relationship. I was confident in you and this relationship; therefore, I never imagined our adventure would end. However, as fate would have it, things deteriorated. I’m saying goodbye to this five-year romance with a heavy heart.”
  • “Even though I thought you were the best thing that happened to me, it’s clear now that I should walk away from a narcissist like you. My heart no longer has room for you. This breakup will bring tears, but I’m fixed on building my future with a clear vision.”
  • “Love rises and falls, just like the tide. Regretfully, my affection for you has permanently receded. To be honest, I owe it to you, even though I know it is difficult to hear. I’m hoping you’ll go forward with strength and purpose, much like the powerful ocean waves. I wish you well going forward.”
  • “I had the most wonderful, joyous, and thrilling time with you. However, we had no idea that all of our enjoyment would be uprooted by the tempest of time. I can’t promise you a happy future right now because of where I am in my life. I hope better times will bring us together once more. Until then, goodbye.”
  • “I loved you a lot, but I never planned to live under a man’s control. I did it for you, but you no longer show me much affection. My words mean nothing to you, and it’s not healthy for me. I might lose my mind if I stay with you. Goodbye!”
  • “Recently, tensions between us have been high, making it hard to be myself before you. I believe we’ll be better off without each other. As our relationship has no room for growth, I’m grateful to you for teaching me valuable lessons in life. I’ll forever remember you.”
  • “I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I can’t act as though I still love you while lying to you. We both know that the love we once shared has vanished. That being said, you will always have my respect and admiration. You are not to blame for our situation; I blame my fate! My heart is shattered. My eyes well up with tears as I say goodbye to you. I hope you enjoy every pleasure.”long sad break up texts that will make him cry
  • “You deserve to be loved the way you love. I am not the right person for that kind of love. I hope you find someone who loves you in the right way. With lots of admiration and respect, I have to tell you that it’s no longer possible to walk with you on this journey of love.”
  • “It’s becoming difficult to find a neutral ground for our differences. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me for leaving you for something we both contributed to. We didn’t have to come this far to realize our love was not meant to be. It is time to let go before our hearts end up broken into pieces.”
  • “It is sad we have allowed distance and time to damage our relationship. Time is far gone to save our love. I hope we will learn some lessons from this breakup.”
  • “Our relationship had its good moments that I will remember, but I cannot see my dreams and goals aligned with yours. It’s time to set each other free. I wish you the best.”
  • “I’ve thought about us a lot at night, and it’s obvious that we don’t need one another in this relationship. You ought to be with someone who can meet your needs more effectively than I can. Although saying goodbye hurts, I think it’s best. I hope you discover true joy and that you take care of yourself.”
  • “Although our time together has been a huge part of my life, I think it’s time to move on. We should split ways as we’ve become more distant from one another. I hope you meet someone who wonderfully enhances your life. Recall that this is merely the beginning for you rather than the end.”
  • “We always have problems and misunderstandings in our love life. Even when we try to fix things, more issues keep coming up. It just shows we’re not meant to be together. I’m sorry if this hurts, but I’ve moved on.”
  • “Breaking up isn’t the best, but I can live without you. The pain after the breakup is better than staying in this relationship. We need to start fresh. We might not be strong enough for new challenges, but we should try. Let’s break up for good.”
  • “Life is already tough, but being with a man who thinks he’s always right is like being in hell. You don’t deserve me. You’ve been causing me pain, and I thought you’d change, but it seems impossible. I’m leaving, and no one will treat you like I did.”sad break up texts that will make him cry tagalog
  • “The problem isn’t the love between us but the bloodshed because we fell in love. People have gone crazy over our bond, demanding we break up or our kingdoms burn. I’ve concluded that we must answer to the will of the people. I’m sorry. Please find someone better.”
  • It feels like I am bidding a frantic farewell to myself while saying these words. We had great experiences together, but none of us need them at the moment. I hope you find someone who makes you a lot happier and gives you all the love possible. Keep your composure and never forget; the hard times will pass.
  • “I love that you achieved many things for me in life, and I’ll always appreciate you. But according to what the doctor said, we can’t have healthy children together. It’s a sad story. We’re not meant for each other. I have to say goodbye.”
  • “I’ve tried to say no to fights and avoid trouble, but they seem stronger than I can handle. I’m sorry; I can’t continue in this mess. We’re done with each other. No need to pretend when there’s no more love.”
  • “When there’s love, there’s salvation. When there’s understanding, there’s continuity. But when these virtues are absent in a relationship, sadness comes. We need to part ways at this point. I’m really sorry.”
  • “When the brain is disconnected, there’s no life in the body. When the wire is disconnected, there’s no light. If a room stays in darkness, too much evil can happen. We just have to call it a day. Let’s stay far away from things that won’t work again.”
  • “When there’s no love, all that’s left in a relationship is fights, excuses, unserious attitudes, and negligence. We need to say goodbye for peace to reign. Let’s bless our hearts with another chance to be happy.”
  • “My work in life is to love and worship, and I get to choose to be happy or sad. I’ve been on the path of sadness for too long because of you. Now, I’m really sad to say goodbye so I can find myself again. I’ve chosen the path of love and happiness.”
  • “Remember how we always said honesty is the foundation of our relationship? It’s in that spirit that I need to be truthful. Our connection has been one of the best parts of my life, but I feel like we’re holding each other back from growing further. It’s not goodbye forever, but goodbye for now as we go find our own ways.”
  • “The light that used to be on is gone. The good parts we shared that brought love to our hearts are gone. The chain of passion that held us together is cut, and there’s no hope for this relationship anymore.”
  • “You’ve been my confidant, my joy, and my challenge, and I’m grateful every day for you. Yet, a feeling inside tells me we’re meant to journey separately now. This is not about fault or failure but about listening to our hearts and being true to ourselves. I’m grateful for every moment, and I hope life brings you everything you’re looking for.”
  • I know why I’m feeling numb right now. Our love couldn’t withstand a step that couldn’t be undone. It wasn’t my plan when we started the relationship. But remember, you’ll always be a part of my life, even if my heart is broken. From my heart to yours, farewell!
  • “It’s really hard for me, and it’s like a big problem that we have to break up. It hurts, but I just have to decide to do it. I’ve put up with your stuff for a long time, but now I feel like we have to go our own ways.”
  • “I’m all teary writing this to say I can’t handle the hurt from our relationship anymore. This is the biggest decision ever because it’s about the guy I used to love so much. I trusted you with all my heart, thinking you’d make me happy forever.”sad break up texts that will make him cry tagalog
  •  After thinking about things, I’ve realized that we’re not meant for each other. I’m more into myself now than anyone else. I think we should end it.
  • You did it again after I forgave you. Well, it seems like you’re already tired of the relationship. Don’t bother saying you’re tired; your actions have shown it all. Bye!
  • The connection between us can’t be measured by a coin, but it’s clear that you’re tired of our relationship. Continuing forward would be a disaster. Just go your way.
  • I keep remembering the wonderful moments we had as lovers. You were the best, but I’m no longer interested. Find your way now that we haven’t gone too far.
  • “Even though the way people do things is different from how God does things, I’m sad living with you. After putting up with a lot, nothing has gotten better. Instead, you’re still the same and not serious about me. You seem to prefer hurting me instead of making me happy.”
  • “Life can’t last forever, and things change. We started happy, but now I feel like we can’t be together anymore. I’m scared of problems that might come between us.”
  • “Our relationship isn’t the same anymore; we’re just like everyone else. The passion is gone. We were supposed to be honest, but we weren’t, and I can’t forget that. I guess we need to give each other space, like a permanent one.”
  • I’ve always thought life has a way of bringing people into our circles for a reason. Our time together has been a real gem in my life. But, you know, it feels like our chapter is winding down. So, with a heart full of thanks and love, I’m sending you all the good vibes as you keep on rockin’ your journey. Take care and all the best in all you do.
  • As I write this down, I can’t help but reminisce about all the awesome memories we’ve had. However, I really feel it’s high time both of us parted ways. We need to do a few things differently so that we can grow as individuals. This text is not something I feel enthusiastic about, but it feels best for us. I hope your future is lit and full of good vibes and happiness. Cheers.
  • “I remember how we started this journey with hope and love, and it’s been an incredible ride. However, I’ve come to feel we’re meant to travel separate paths now. This decision comes from a place of deep care and respect for you. Wishing you a future filled with joy and love.”


Long, sad breakup texts that will make him cry can be emotionally overwhelming for both the sender and the receiver. A breakup is something everybody hates. It really does hit hard, literally like a real gut punch. But hey, chin up! You’ve got the inner strength to weather this storm, and coming out of this mess even stronger is totally on the cards. You’ve got what it takes to toughen it out over this rough ride.

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